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Our Perfume Solvent is a mixture specially designed for the dilution of Fragrances and/or Essential Oils.

This Solvent is odorless and perfectly adapted to the hold and slow evaporation of Perfumes.

It is neither greasy nor oily.


Dosages: 10/60%

Example of Dosage for 30ml of Fragrances:


By adding 15ml of Perfume Solvent, you obtain a Pure Perfume.
By adding 30ml of Solvant Parfumeur, you obtain an Eau de Parfum.
By adding 45ml of Solvant Parfumeur, you get an Eau de Toilette.


The dosage indications are given for information only.
You are free to increase or decrease the doses according to the desired concentration.

Di Propylen Glycol (DPG) is not a solvent, it is a thinner.
It is a fine synthetic oil used in most cosmetic products.
It is also used to dilute essential oils and fragrances.


Di Propylene Glycol